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Shining Force Alternate

Shining Force Alternate V2.1G

I was made aware that the title screen shows V2.1F instead of G. My apologies as I missed that when making that mini update to fix other issues players were experiencing.

Just be aware that the latest file uploaded, dated November 27th, 2021 is the in fact V2.1G, regardless of what the title screen says.

Also, if anyone's missing Maxine's OG portrait... They can grab V2.1G with Maxine's OG portrait at the Released Mods Channel at my discord. Compliments to Xeno for putting that together for anyone interested :)

While the development team is working hard on 3.0, there's been a couple of issues that have plagued players. So this small update aims to correct them.

The fixes are as follows:
1. King's speech at Waral is no longer utilizing the shops(two merchants are now sitting at those spots). Since The King was getting bugged out and not using the correct branching dialogue paths, the easiest method to correct this was to detach him from the shopkeeper roles.

2. The Oath Keeper is now in a chest to be obtained after the cutscene with Narsha at Runefaust's hall. The normal function that was in place has proven to be very buggy and not work as it was originally intended. For the time being, players can obtain the Oath Keeper without having to keep the Piece Maker in their inventories.

Lastly, I really do appreciate the patience of the community while we(the development team) continue to work on the largest expansion to SFA since its original release back in 2018. When it inevitably comes out, I guarantee you'll feel that it was worth the wait. Till then, stop by at the discord and say hello :)
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Hello everyone.
The update to SFA will be delayed due to some new things being implemented that will require further testing/implementation to ensure everything is working as intended.

This is normally why I don't post any timeframes that any update would be released. I apologize if anyone was expecting to play the update today.

I assure you, once the update is released, it'll be worth the wait :)

I have created a Discord channel. When the update releases, you can report any issues you have there.

Discord Link:
Sometime by the end of this week, I anticipate release thr next update to this mod. It covers just about everything. Graphics, dialogue fixes and refinement, balance tweaks, slight changes to the story, etc.

I am very excited to get it out to you all. Stay tuned!
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This is a rather small update, just added little things like new chapter title screens, curtesy of Ivan_Cal.
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Some minor fixes in grammar, some more detail in some sprites.
A lot of dialogue fixes(especially with sentences that the use of "alot" instead of "a lot". :)

Some other minor balance tweaks by Xeno.
Corrected a game breaking issue that caused a blackscreen when equipping the steel claymore. It has been corrected.
An issue with a script not un-equipping items from certain characters after promotion have been fixed.
Xeno came up with some quick changes to some balance quirks at the 2nd half of the game.