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Shining Force Alternate

Shining Force Alternate V3.1C Hotfix

Added 2 weapon models, a short sword for maxine to start with and devil lance has it's own model now.

Fixed the land map terrain at the final battle with dark dragon

Increased cost of blaze/aura lvl 4 a little.
Corrected a grammar issue in chapter 8.

Corrected some inconsistency with the map sprites in Guardiana, namely the dog and inhabitant that lives there.

Corrected Maxine using the name "maxine" instead of her given name by the player at chapter 2.

Updated the Mishaela battle, the map was tweaked slightly and the enemy ai has been updated to move back into starting position if a player moves out of the isolated rock area. This will have Mishaela move back so she's not a target by someone outside of that area. I have added 2 extra ladders so you can get the force up to the spot easier.
In this update, there were some changes to how you receive the Sword of light, you no longer receive the sword at the Mishaela battle, but at a chest upon arriving at the next town. You can't miss it, as it's right next to where you spawn. Reason for this was the dialogue branch for the npc that was meant to give it to you if you didn't receive it during the Mishaela battle, would be finnicky and sometimes not use the correct path.

Chapter 6's dragonia's map and movement scripts have been updated to keep players from leaving Dragonia until they complete all the scenes (aka: the Kane/darksol clash and picking up the item left behind)

When you return to Rudo, you will NOT find Krin there. Talk to the two npcs at the gate and they will explain.

I have tested this fix a few times and so far I haven't had any issues with this current workaround. Let me know if you run into any problems with Chapter 6.
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In the event that you don't have the Piece Maker in your inventory at Chapter 8, you won't get stuck at the town. It is highly recommended you keep the Piece Maker throughout your playthrough, as it functions like the power ring for the one who wields it, and you'll get a better version at Runefaust.
This is mostly just some grammar fixes from feeback. If you find any other issues than what has been already found, please contact me and I'll send out another update.