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Shining Force Graphic Upgrade & Brothers Mod Merged patch

Shining Force Graphic Upgrade & Brothers Mod Merged patch BM V3.0 & SFGU 2.1

You can download the ips patch by clicking on the orange download button on the top right of the page.

I do not take credit for any work(outside of my own graphical tweaks) for what is in this mod, Lobo has spent countless hours balancing his mod to be a challenging, rewarding, and much more entertaining game overall, please check out his modpage over at Shining Force Central found here:

I personally use Lunar IPS patcher to patch the shining force games.
Located here:

Here is a quick preview of what is in this mod:
New weapon sprites for all classes.
New Battle sprites for characters that desperately need them.
More unique kings(no more "Attack of the clone kings" during your playthough)
Mishaela has a slightly different introduction and dialogue in earlier chapters. She has her own sprite that actually looks like her...

And more!
Keep in mind, Lobo's original Mask-less Kane is used in place of my own
image of changes.png

Preview weapon changes.png

This whole mod started with just adding white leggings to max’s Unpromoted sprite, months later it has grown into almost a full overhaul of everything from map sprites to battle sprites, portraits and more. I hope you enjoy playing with these graphical tweaks as much as I have had creating them.

If you encounter any issue/bugs/whatever, you can contact me here or over at SFC and i'll will work to correct it asap
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Latest updates

  1. V2.1 is released

    Some small touches, it's the little things that make the difference...

Latest reviews

Amazing work! I've been following this mod since v1.6 and it keeps getting better and better. Keep it up, E-man!