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Shining Force Graphic Upgrade

Shining Force Graphic Upgrade V4.0b

title screen.png

You can download the ips patch by clicking on the orange download button on the top right of the page.

I personally use Lunar IPS patcher to patch the shining force games.
Located here:

If you run into any issues, please use the link below to go to my Discord Channel. I'll have a bugs section for you to report it.


Here is a quick preview of what is in this mod, in bold is what's new with 4.0:

1. Weapon sprites have been redone and each one now has its own model.

2. New Battle sprites for all characters. No more palette swaps!

3. All animations have been redone so each force member/enemy have their own. The promoted archer class types needed to with the limit I ran into).

4. More unique kings (no more "Attack of the clone kings" during your playthrough)

5. Unique enemy types, these do not replace existing enemies, all battles should work exactly the same, you'll just have a more variety in enemies to face.

6. The only things I have done that wasn't exclusively Graphic oriented, are the following:

- Jogurt now levels/promotes to a Yogurt Hero and can cast spells, his stats are based on Arthur's at the moment, and he can use axes/swords.

- Boss weapons have been added as special drops. They have the same stats as the weapons available they drop in to keep the game's balance, but it'll be a nice change of scenery to equip your favorite force members with them.

- Levanter is a hidden item. This item does allow the user to cast Blaze 4. Since it's a "hidden" item, I don't mind letting it do its own thing while keeping the boss weapons neutral.
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This mod is First Rate. I can absolutely recommend it to everyone. It feels like a beautiful fresh coat of paint over a masterpiece put on by the original artist.