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Bugfix: Persistent (De)buffs 1.0

Bug description:

The effect of stat altering conditions, namely, Quick, Slow and Boost, will not truly expire until the player performs an action that causes battle stats to be reloaded, such as viewing a member's status window, equipping items, or leveling up.

About this patch:

This patch solves the issue by forcing battle stats to be reloaded whenever such conditions wear off.

(Technically, this is accomplished by re-writing the routine at $24D44-$24D70, which handles decrementing status effect counters.)


Intended for use with the North American version of the game (and as far as I know, this should also be compatible with most hacks out there.)

Use your favorite IPS patching utility, such as Lunar IPS or Flips, to apply the included "sf1-bugfix-persistent-buffs.ips" file onto a non-interleaved ROM (i.e., not SMD format.)

For your convenience, an anti-patch is also provided which will effectively remove this patch when applied.
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