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Save game restoration for SF1Edit 6MB expanded ROM 1.0.1


Expanding an SF1 ROM to 6MB using SF1Edit renders the game unable to save progress, forcing the use of emulator save states.

That issue appears to be caused by most emulators not implementing both the official Save RAM and ROM mappers (aka "SEGA mappers") simultaneously.

About this patch:

This patch solves the issue by implementing Extended SSF, an unofficial mapper supported by the Mega Everdrive series of flashcarts, as well as several emulators.

Tested working on the following devices/emulators:
- Mega Everdrive v2​
- BlastEm 0.6.2​
- PicoDrive (Libretro)​
- Kega Fusion 3.64​
- Gens 2.14​

As a caveat, the game will stop working entirely on the following:
- Genesis Plus GX (Libretro)​
- BizHawk 2.6​

Compatibility with other patches:

This patch consumes free space located at $7E22-$7FEE.


Intended for use on a ROM that was previously expanded to 6MB using SF1Edit that also had the Expand Graphics options enabled in the Graphics section. It is also expected that each section of the editor has been saved at least once prior to applying this patch.

Use your favorite IPS patching utility, such as Lunar IPS or Flips, to apply the included "sf1-6mb-rom-save-fix.ips" file onto a non-interleaved ROM (i.e., not SMD format.)

For your convenience, an anti-patch is also provided which will effectively remove this patch when applied.
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