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REV 1 1.0


An ultra minimalist collection of fixes and quality of life improvements developed by the SF1 modding community over the years, consolidated into a single patch for your convenience.


Intended for use with an unmodified ROM dump of the North American version of the game.

Interoperability with existing mods is not guaranteed, however the patched ROM should remain compatible with SF1Editor for further modding.

Use your favorite IPS patching utility, such as Lunar IPS or Flips, to apply the included "sf1-rev1.ips" file onto a non-interleaved ROM (i.e., not SMD format.)


Changes carried over from Rubixcuber's Shining Force Refix v0.1.4:
  • Enemies that previously carried unequipped items now have them equipped.
  • The Evil Puppet in the Balbazak battle is replaced with a Dark Priest.
  • "Cain" has been changed to "Kane".
  • The Demon Masters in the Chaos battle are equipped with Holy Staves, and the one with Muddle 3 is changed to Freeze 3.
  • Hanzou learns Desoul level 2 not level 1 again.
  • Fixed Sound Test border.
  • Priest will respond properly when declining his services.
SF1Editor built-in fixes and improvements:
  • Fix Land Effect
  • Automatic Item Passing (outside battle only)
  • EXP Overflow
  • Smart Heal AI
Additional changes:
  • Correctly determine whether an attacker is inflicted with Muddle.
  • Enemy AI is able to use items at range (e.g., Kane using the Sword of Darkness.)
  • Update stats immediately after Quick, Slow, and Boost effects run out.
  • Damaged item icons now visibly indicated with a cracked overlay.
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