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Spell Animation Mods 2.0.1


A collection of mods that aim to fix, improve, expand, and add some flavor to spell animations.

It has been publicly available for a while now as part of Erikin84's SFGU mod.
This is the standalone release.

About this patch:

First, a bit of history:

This patch was originally developed specifically for the Shining Force Alternate mod, and as
such, was never intended for a public release in its current form.

The plan was to eventually clean it up, remove the SFA specific changes, and a add a few more
desirable features in order to release a more complete package to my fellow SF1 modders, but
as these projects often go, it fell to the wayside in favor of other more alluring ventures.

At this point, rather than let it go to waste, I decided to release the patch as-is.

That being said, here is a list of additional indexes implemented by the patch:

77: Machine Gun (from ally)​
78: BLAST level 1​
80: BLAST level 2​
82: BLAST level 3​
84: BLAST level 4​
86: Yellow "Laser Eye" with spellcast effects (intended as a Sword of Light use effect)​
88: Green BOLT level 3 (Chaos Breaker use effect)​
90: Purple BLAZE level 3 (Sword of Darkness use effect)​
92: Mirror-able Yellow "Electric Breath"​
94: Mirror-able Blue "Electric Breath"​
96: Mirror-able Yellow "Flying Dragons"​
98: Mirror-able Blue "Flying Dragons"​
100: Buster Shot with spellcast effects​
102: Relocated Blue "Energy Wave" (original index is now used for the restored green palette)​

Compatibility with other patches:

This patch occupies free space located in the range $122758-$12393E.


Intended for use with the North American version of the game, as well as (I guess) most mods
out there that aren't based on SFGU.

Use your favorite IPS patching utility, such as Lunar IPS or Flips, to apply the included
"sf1-bugfix-persistent-buffs.ips" file onto a non-interleaved ROM (i.e., not SMD format.)

For your convenience, an anti-patch is also provided which will effectively remove this patch
when applied.


Version 2.0:
  • First release
  • Fix a typo in Blast's first palette entry ($84 -> $88)
  • Modify Blast 4's palette (yellow -> blue)
  • Relocate original Desoul's tiles that were corrupted by the editor
  • Restore unused green palette to Dark Dragon finishing blow animation
  • Implement a variant of the Buster Shot animation with added spellcast effects
  • Re-organize "Electric Breath" and "Flying Dragons" animation numbers to share a spell slot

Version 1.0 (unreleased):
  • Implement new Blast spell animation based on Zylo's promoted attack
  • Implement mirrored "Laser Eye", "Machine Gun", "Electric Breath" and "Flying Dragons" variants
  • Implement a yellow variant of the Laser Eye's firing animation with added spellcast effects (background flash and SFX)
  • Implement a purple variant of the Blaze 3 animation
  • Implement a green variant of the Bolt 3 animation
  • Modify palettes for all Bolt animation variants
  • Import SF2's healing fairies tiles and palettes, and make it so the Heal animation displays the "Evil Fairy" graphics when cast by an enemy
First release
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