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Shining Force Alternate

Shining Force Alternate V2.1G

Title Screen.png

Welcome! It has been a long process to get this mod to this point. But it's here and I hope you all enjoy it!

So where do I begin to explain what this mod does? Well, in short, I have selected only 11 characters that can join you on your journey and you will never have to leave anyone behind again! There have been many tweaks to gameplay/story/dialogue/spells. Too many to name without this page being a few miles long.

This mod is more of a "what if" kind of scenario. The usual story threads about stopping Dark Dragon is there, it's just how you do it will be different than the original Shining Force, some story changes are more dramatic than others. Characters that no longer join will be occupying other roles in the story, some are serious while others are funny and lighthearted (gotta have some humor amidst the world ending and everything).

To download this mod, click on the yellow download button on the top right of this page.

You'll need an unmodified version (.bin file) of Shining Force to apply this patch.

It is also highly recommended to use Kega Fusion on PC or Retroarch(with Pico Drive core)on mobile if you have an Android Smart Phone.

It is also highly recommended that you use a savestate to save your progress.
The in-game feature to save doesn’t seem to save. It's a symptom of expanding the game to 6mb.

If you have any issues, please message me at my discord, in the bugs channel.

Also, for players who prefer Maxine's original portrait shown below, go to the discord and download the pre-patched bin file at the released mods channel.
Maxine OG portrait.png


Here is a quick rundown of some changes:

New Backgrounds(from Shining Force 2 and CD)

New sprites for both enemies and force members.

New weapon models and concepts

New Spell effects for staffs and spell users, like the iconic Blast from Shining in the Darkness!

New abilities and ranges for most non-magic users, even enemies use these.

Forcemembers will have more presence/dialogue in select scenes.

Armor that can be worn that will give a small defense buff. There are only 3 normal armors you can find in the game. Be sure to look around and find the chests containing them! (You will also gain two unique armors through the story that will change the character's map and battle sprite it's meant for)
Leather Vest preview.png

New gauntlet-like battles to spice things up during those treks to other towns. Your goal is to reach the destination against a horde trying to stop you. Hurry up and reach Alterone, Maxine!

All icons have been updated, based on Alones' original set.

Poison will now do 25% of base health instead of 2 health points. Keep those antidotes handy!

And many others! The changes start from the prologue to the end cutscene with the farmer, so be sure to see it all!

The level cap and promotions:
There is no more promotion sickness, was I the only one annoyed in the original by it?

Unpromoted cap is set at 20, so it is highly recommended you promote after the Battle at Waral.
In my playthroughs, everyone is close to 15 or at that level by the end of it.

Don't worry if you are not at 15, you will gain stats faster after promotion, so there is no need to withhold any promotions.

Promotions are locked off until you complete the Waral battle, so don't worry about grinding levels just to promote, you will be unable to until the battle's complete. After promotion, you can grind all you want as the promoted cap is still 99.

Promotions now work in sequence so you don't have to manually select each character. If you don't want to promote someone just yet, no problem! Just tell the cleric no!

You will still need to be at least lvl 10 to promote, so unless you are purposefully keeping a character's level down, you will have no problem reaching that number by that point.


The starting team:
I won't give away all the party members, but perhaps the starting team will be sufficient since it's at the beginning anyway, not like it's spoiling much of anything.

The main hero, it wouldn't be an alternate universe without gender swapping the main character, would it? She's similar to Max in just about every aspect.
She now has access to Fire magic!!!
Maxine's magic.png

Maxine Preview.png


Of course! Couldn't leave him out, but don't worry, he gains Aura somewhat early on to help with those tough fights in dire situations.


Everyone's favorite pink haired archer. What? She's not your favorite? We'll see if your opinion changes late game in what she can do! She starts with the Aim ability, this lets you shoot from up to 1 additional tile away.


I figured she didn't get much attention in the original, but she'll become your best magic damage dealer here in SFA! Her later blaze spells will help even the odds against Darksol's minions.


Yes, you heard me, Varios is on the force! He is one of your tanks that will help soak up most of the damage in the earlier battles. He comes with an ability "Charge" this will let you hit up to 2 targets in a horizontal line.

And let's not forget about.... Me!

I am in this mod too! Is it a bit Narcissistic to include myself? Probably, but if I want to be in my own mod, then so be it! :) Erikin will replace Nova in the advisor role, he even appears in the force member listing to give you an extra 4 inventory spaces to help with the limited amount of characters that carry things.


One final note:
The mod is locked from editing in the SF1 Editor for two reasons:

1.) Cuz' you know I'm all about that bass....I mean data!
There are so many changes and tweaks pumped into this file, I've more or less maxed out what I can do. With all the map sprites, battle sprites, dialogue lines, scripted events, etc. It's all been crammed in with no room left to really edit much of anything without potentially breaking something else. So much is used that I had to constantly check and make sure I didn't overflow any data.

2.) No spoilers!
I know there are some that would instantly open it up and poke around and see everything there is to see about it.
(I'm looking at you Runesamurai
) I'd rather everyone just enjoy the mod and experience it without potentially spoiling anything unintentionally or otherwise in the editor.

If you run into any issues, please pm me at my Shining Force modding Discord and I'll investigate any bugs, should they occur.


Honorable mentions to those who helped
make this possible:


His SF1 Editor made this whole thing possible. It has been a privilege and honor to use his tool to make this mod.

His knowledge of scripting and other facets to the SF1 Editor was invaluable, there are scenes that wouldn't have been possible without his expertise. His previous work inspired me to dive into Shining Force modding, and I am very grateful for his assistance.

He and Dan's(MrtheNoronha) amazing artwork is proudly featured here. Also, Projectego's (Steve) awesome SFmods website for the support and other resources.

His icons are amazing and it is much appreciated for his support in having them featured here.

He gave a lot of insight into story concepts and playtesting the mod for me.

Xeno has done more for this mod than I could ever possibly explain, he helped me with balance and getting all the new features you'll no doubt notice during your playthrough.

He did some playtesting and was very helpful in the earlier parts of testing balance.

Spriter's Resource:
I have found a lot of good resources for enemies and other sprites here. It has really made certain aspects of enemy design so much better. While I did rework a lot of resources, I do appreciate these guys for putting up these resources in the first place.

Take care, everyone, and I hope you enjoy Shining Force Alternate!
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Latest reviews

Just finished this tonight and I loved it. Very interesting take on my first RPG. I loved the combined elements of all the Shining Force games and how everything was arranged. The AI upgrade was welcome and it actually made me strategize a lot more compared to the original, where some enemies would stay static the whole fight and didn't have as many abilities. I also enjoyed the cameos of certain characters that would be in future titles. To everyone that worked on this mod, you have my sincerest thanks for an enjoyable gameplay experience. I salute you! Shining Force Forever~
This mod was fantastic when I played it in 2019, and it's even better now. Gave me that feeling of excitement I had when I first played the original. All the additions keep you guessing and keep things fresh, and I absolutely love what you did with Maxine. I've always wished there were more force leaders who were women. Wonderful work. Innovative. Outstanding. Never been done before. Eight thumbs up.
Absolutely loved the new story, graphics and mechanics. Characters are fun to use and are all relevant to the team. Great Mod!